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    张行勇:三级高级记者、编审,中国科学报陕西记者站站长,中国科学院西安分院、陕西省科学院宣传高级业务主管。uedbet赫塔菲官网兼职教师。曾发表科技新闻作品1600多篇!c刊科技论文40多篇,获省部级优秀论文、作品奖近30篇次,科星新闻奖及出版专著三部。近十年来主持或主要参加省部级科研项目5项....... 其中论文多篇与李明德院长合作发表,多次获奖。

Zhang Xingyong,Senior Journalist

 Zhang Xingyong, bureau chief of Shaanxi,China Science Press,  publicity senior executives of Xi'an branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shaanxi Academy of Sciences, a part time teacher of School of Journalism and New Media, Xi'an Jiao Tong University. He has published more than 1600 articles of Sci-tech news and more than 40 CSSCI scientific papers. He has won the provincial and ministerial level excellent papers award for nearly 30 times. He has also won Star News Award, published three monographs, presided over or participated mainly in 5 provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects . He has published many papers in collaboration with Dean of School of Journalism and New Media,Li Mingde, and won many awards.




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